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Junior Professorship in Nanostructural Physics

Important Notice

Following a call to TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Prof. Dr. Dirk C. Meyer moved to Freiberg on 1st October 2009.
Therefore, this homepage has not been updated since 2010.
For current information on the group of Prof. Dr. Dirk C. Meyer please visit: tu-freiberg.de/exphys.

Present research

Switching Ti Valence in SrTiO3 by a dc Electric Field
A (001) SrTiO3 wafer has been investigated in situ at room temperature under application of a static electric field of varying polarity by fluorescence x-ray absorption near edge structure (XANES) analysis at the Sr-K and Ti-K absorption edges. The XANES spectra show a clear shift of the Ti-K absorption edge energy.

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Institute of Structural Physics
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Authors: H. Stöcker, J. Dshemuchadse, T. Leisegang

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